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I am Amar Shekhar, the person behind this blog. The main motivation behind Digital Ashva is to share my digital marketing experience with the rest of the community. I am mainly into data-driven marketing. I would love to volunteer as a digital marketer for any non-profit organization as well. If you know any, please let me know.

Besides data & marketing, I take interest in multiple hobbies which I have acquired gradually over the years. I have been a hiker for almost the past 9 years. Here is my hiking blog and here is my hiking YouTube Channel which I try to keep up to date. I love photography, cooking, writing, swimming, and cycling, but I am pro at none of those.

Here are some of my case studies that you might find interesting as well. If you feel, your current marketing efforts are not performing optimally, please feel free to write to me by filling up the form at the bottom. Or, you can also send me a direct message on Facebook or LinkedIn using the icons below.

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