Create Remarketing Audience Based on Event Clicks & Goals in Google Analytics

Sometimes, it is very important to target the audience based on some event clicks. Some examples of these event clicks could be:

  • Clicks on external affiliated links
  • Clicks on buy now button for the e-commerce clients
  • Clicks on the signup button for the lead generation campaigns

People who show interest in your products or have taken action on your website are surely more engaged audience compared to the people who just land and bounce off your page. So, implementing event tracking and retargeting them again might result in lower CPC and higher conversion rate. So, let us see how do we do it.

First, create an event or a number of events which work as a pivot point using which you want to retarget your audience. In this case, I am going to retarget the people who clicked on the link to my novel called the girl from the woods on Amazon. You can see this on the home page of my blog

I have already set up an event for external link click tracking on my website and here is the article on how to track external link clicks through GTM. I can see those interested audiences through my Google Analytics now. Here is the screenshot:

7. External link clicks captured as events in Google Analytics

Now, create a goal based on the above events. Follow the steps below:

Create a Remarketing Audience Based on Event Clicks

Create a goal based on event clicks

Go to goals through GA Admin-> click on +New Goal -> Select goal type as custom -> Name the goal and select event type as Event -> click next ->  and fill in the required details. The required details that you need to fill in are

  • category
  • action
  • label
  • value

Not all the fields are required but it is good to give as many as possible details to google analytics. I am using the above details based on what I filled in the above category through my GA data or GTM data.

Filling up goal in GA

Create an audience based on Goals

  • Go to GA admin -> click on Audience definitions under property
  • Click on Audience under audience definitions (Note: if you are following this process for the first time then GA will ask you to create a remarketing audience of all the website visitors). So, you will have to repeat the above steps again.
  • Select the audience source. Most likely, it would be the default view of your GA account. Go to the next step as shown below and select the goal that you want to target.

Building audience based on goals

  • Name your audience and publish the audience to your linked Google ads and google analytics account. Now, this audience will be available in your google ads as well. If you have a sufficient number of audience, you can start retargeting them right away.
  • If you do not see the google ads option there, then you will have link your google ads account to google analytics account. Here is how you can do that.

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