Google Analytics Checklist for Website Migration Impact

Analytics Code Integration

You need to make sure that all the analytics codes remain intact on the website after the website migration along with other platforms. Here are a few analytics codes that I can think of

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads including dynamic remarketing and all the conversion codes
  • TikTok conversion codes and API connections
  • FB conversion codes and CAPI connection
  • Email and SMS integration
  • GTM integration along with all the currently live GTM tags

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Setup

If it is an ecommerce store, You have to set up revenue tracking to track all the funnel steps or at least make sure that the old funnel events are working fine. So that you don’t miss out any eCommerce data including add to cart, initiate checkout and purchase event along with quantity and product value

Micro Goals Conversion Tracking

If you have any Micro goals like contact form, lead form, you have to set up these goals before launching the website. These can be set up fresh as well by removing old ones

Create New GA View

It is recommended to create a new GA view while website migration, so that once the website is live, you can do the data comparison between older and new GA view. This only applies if the URLs or domain change, otherwise you can ignore this step

Testing Analytics Integration on Website

You have to test out Analytics Integration and check if everything is working fine after launching the new pages. This can be easily done using GTM

Testing Macro & Micro Conversion

You have to test the goals tracking in real time through events including PV, ATC, IC, Purchase and other Micro conversion like contact form submission, lead form submission etc. It can be ignored if you are not using any such micro conversions

Post Launch

Once the website is live, you’ll wait for 1 week to get the data in the GA and perform the following actions to confirm the proper GA integration by comparing data between old and new views.

User Behavior Analysis

you have to do a user behavior analysis to check if soft metrics such as the session, conversion rate etc. is comparatively same as before or the new website is not affecting the user flow. This will help spotting and resolving the issues early on to avoid the data gap in future.

Funnel Event Comparison

to understand the flow of user, You will perform another funnel event comparison with previous data to find differences and fix issues in new website if any

Data Attribution comparison in GA and Marketing platform

Data attribution comparison between analytics and marketing platform will help you spot and fix issues related to campaign data and do better post campaign data analysis

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