Google Ads Case Study: 8X ROAS For a Jewelry Store

This case study talks about the problem statement and strategy behind driving high-quality In-Store traffic to a jewelry store and scaling the campaign to 12.5X ROAS from 5X ROAS in the first week.

Problem Statement

  • To drive high converting store visits traffic to a jewelry store
  • Scale the same campaign for a whole month (From 5X at the beginning to 12.5X by the end of the month)


Case Study Strategy

  • Create some experience online
  • Drive engaged audience to the jewelry store

Creating Online Experience

The bottom line of this Google Ads case study strategy was to bring in more quality traffic at a cheaper rate to the store which had the highest probability of in-store conversion.

Target Audience

To build the top of the funnel audience, we relied on multiple signals from the website and customer database so that we could build the quality top of the funnel traffic. Some of the targeted audiences were:

  • Upcoming birthdays, anniversary, wedding, etc.
  • Audience Purchased in the last 365 days but did not purchase in the last 60 days
  • Audience added to cart in the past 30 days but did not initiate checkout
  • The audience who added some items to wishlist in past 30 days
  • We had more ways of curating those audiences with a higher buying confidence

These were already proven audience who had shown a high amount of interest in buying the product on the website, however, they did not convert due to some reasons.

Personalized Targeting

We tried to do personalized targeting as much as possible all the way, we could. Some of the personalized targeting methods were:

  • Sending personal invitation email to visit our nearest store with a special coupon code for special events such as birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, etc.
  • When there is a high-ticket product marketing, personalized marketing mostly performs the best
  • We offered special coupon code to the audience who added to the cart but did not checkout within a particular amount of time with the validity of the next 30 days.
  • We had other tactics & Ad Groups involved as well for more targeted and personalized targeting

Driving In-Store Visits

Based on the different target audience persona, we used different strategies against different target audiences. Some of the strategies were:

  • Creating urgency using countdown() function in ads in the last one week to go for birthday or anniversary
  • Bidding higher and offering higher coupon code using IF() function for mobile devices
  • Targeting nearby competitors brand keywords for the store visits campaign
  • Being competitive in the ad copies to competitors
  • A lot of other strategies were applied during the subsequent four weeks such as RLSA, competitor’s targeting, some basic automation, etc.

The campaign which started with a ROAS of 5X during the first week ended with 12.5X ROAS during the fourth week.

Case Study Outcome

  • Amount Spent: ~$8,682
  • Conversion Value:  ~$70,878
  • ROAS: 8.17

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