SEO Case Study: 9X increase in Daily Impressions & 35X Increase in Daily Clicks in 6 Months

Problem Statement

  • To stand out in the highly competitive search market in a niche SPAs (Single Page Application) website across in the world in English speaking countries
  • Rank in Top Searches and increase organic traffic to the Website from a particular Geography
  • Counter highly competitive keywords from the major competitors
  • Target particular geography
  • Counter highly competitive keywords from major competitors
  • Counter search engines changing algorithms


SEO Approach

Multi-domain structuring

  • SEO planning started with structuring multiple domains
  • Multiple TLDs were bought to address CLTD for each target country
  • Each of the CLTDs was made to point each other as an alternate link in a particular geography for English speaking audience

Leveraging long-tail keywords

  • Interacted directly with Google Search API to download the entire list of keywords containing our search terms
  • From there, we made a separate strategy for long-tail keywords including on-page optimization
  • Being a SPA, it was hard to generate enough content for each long-tail keywords that’s why resorted to backlinks and different CLTDs to point to us on anchor keywords in top searches in that country 

Web Performance

  • Site speed optimization becomes one of the major SEO factors from a usability point of view as SPAs would often have a very high bounce rate
  • That’s why we focussed on website usability performance on desktop as well as on mobile
  • Usability performance testing included fixing issues across major browsers (browser compatibility), testing against in-app browsers, testing on mobile devices by throttling the network including responsiveness

Being ahead of competitors

  • We used tools such as SEMRush and Ahrefs to analyze the competitor’s data such as backlinks, their already ranking keywords, website errors, etc.
  • Based on that, our strategy also involved addressing the competitor’s pain points through our web development phase to keep search engines as well as users happy. 



  • Daily organic Impressions: 28809
    Daily organic Clicks: 925


  • Daily organic Impressions: 269102
    Daily organic Clicks: 33191


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