Digital Breakthrough Consultancy

(For Start-ups, Small Businesses & Travels)

Let’s us discuss it all – From Scratch to the Revenue Model…

Where to start from?

Marketing is the KEY and You do not know where to start from? We are not only digital marketing expert but we also have got great pairs of ears. We will listen to your idea, product, challenges, and current business affairs before we together commence the market breakthrough.

Market Landscape

You might already have some idea of the marketing and we add more to it followed by a SWOT analysis. Once the picture has been painted, we draw the Market Landscape and spin our approach & strategy accordingly


Data insights can be a realty check. Intuition & Guts bring confidence& innovation, data brings in insights. Let's figure out the touch points, data-decisions points and analytical points of digital marketing

Mature Marketing

Have you ever considered Quora for personal branding than LinkedIn? Well, one platform doesn't address all, from brand messaging to conversions. We will figure out what platforms suits your marketing the best & why?


I am Gokul Ramachandran, Founder of Bangalore Adventure School (BASCOOL). On behalf BASCOOL, I would like to thank "Amar & Co" for their excellent professional services. They are highly proficient in SEO, SMO & SEM. They were quick in learning our business model, study and understand our competitors and was also instrumental in providing us a short term and long term strategy for our online marketing efforts. With their help we were able to achieve our set conversion goals. Highly recommend their knowledge, professionalism and result oriented marketing strategies.
Gokul, founder, Bangalore adventure school
Gokul R
Founder, Bangalore Adventure School
I would highly recommend them for small businesses. They understand the pain-point of small businesses and have come up with a viable solution to keep the business afloat at a minimal cost. Truly amazed by their services.
Bharat-Lalwani-Tales-of-Wedding Founder
Bharat Lalwani
Founder, Tales of Wedding
"They know the Travel industry in and out. They had been an integral part of HardyHawks right from the start of the business to its success"
Vaibhav Singh Rajput, HardyHawks AdventuresVaibhav Singh Rajput, HardyHawks AdventuresVaibhav Singh Rajput, HardyHawks Adventures
V. S. Rajput
Founder, HardyHawks Adventures

Why Digital Ashva?

We only work for Small business, Start ups, and Travels because we share a lot in common. So, we consider ourselves as seasoned. That’s why –  “We believe in your business as much as you do” 


We are a big believer of Data-Driven marketing. In fact, our expertise rely on data mapping, visualization, Audience & Behavioral Analysis to make the future efforts a success


Our different teams approach digital marketing from all the angles. We brainstorm ideas with you; we turn ideas into actions; and we optimize by measuring the impact. At the end of the day, your business is not less than ours


Our clients are always an integral part of the Game. We maintain transparency and do not take ownership of your account because every penny counts. You will approve every decision that we suggest


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