Ad Copy & Landing Page Optimization Tips with Best Practices

Sometimes we focus too much on bidding and targeting while doing the conversion optimization. While bidding and targeting are mostly specific to the platforms and we cannot have much control over it except feeding in the targeting options and playing around with different bidding strategies. But there is something on which we have our complete control and that is ad copies and the landing pages.

Yes! by tweaking around and doing some experimentations with the ad copies and landing pages, we can discover a lot of things that we hardly notice or ignore.

Optimizing the Ad Copies for Conversion

Here is the list of items that you should consider while creating an ad copy. First, we start with the text ads:

Text ads copies tips

  • Mention the targeted keyword in the headline.
  • Mention the targeted keyword in the landing page URL path
  • Have CTA in the description of the ad.
  • Mention brand name in the search ads headline. You can also play around ad copies if you are doing competitors targeting through search ads

Search Ads keys to success

  • Try to highlight the USP of the brand or the ad purpose in the headline, if possible. Otherwise, write them in the description or as an extension.
  • Some of the other things that you should also be looking are:
    • the sense of urgency
    • the tone of the language to the target group
    • relevancy to the season, purpose, place, etc.
  • Try to have as many extensions as needed to get a better CTR
Outspoken Search Ad copy for Admissions

Outspoken Search Ad copy

Display ad copies tips

While text ads copies are mostly known for driving conversions, display ads copies can also be used for the same besides the brand awareness purpose which they are known for.

  • Have a brand logo on the creative
  • Mention brand name if the brand is new
  • Follow facebook rule of 20% of the text area but you can go up to 30% as well.
  • Have CTA button or let the platform optimize the CTA button for you in case of Google Display Ads
  • CTA Button should be visible and preferably be different from the color palette used for creating the ads creatives
  • Also, the ads copy color, font, even font size, and the message should match with that of the landing page.
  • Preview the ad copies on the devices they are made for. Previewing everything on the desktop might not be a good idea.

Landing page optimization tips

Perfect landing page

Example of a landing page

  • The landing page should be responsive or different for different devices.
  • It should also be quick to load.
  • Above the fold portion (Upper half of the screen) should hold the essence of the landing page to engage the user
  • There should not be any kind of ambiguity
  • The content of the landing page should match with the title of the landing page.
  • There should not be any dead outgoing link or 404s from the landing page.
  • It should also link to the other possible pages which a user might also be interested in such as product specification, reviews, 360-degree video, etc.
  • Have some CTAs on each screen as the user scrolls.
  • At the end of the landing page, have a lead form or some CTA button. Do not make the landing page as the dead-end page.

Increase coherence between the ad copies and landing page

This is the important part. Individually, we have perfectly defined the ad copies and the landing pages now are the time to establish coherence and a sense of a relationship between the ad copies and the landing page.

Handling Customers expectations

What you see is what you expect: Customers expect what they see in the ad copies and that is the normal human tendency. So have all the elements that you declare in the ad on the landing pages.

    • Elements in the headline of the text ads should also reflect in the title of the landing page in above the fold. It ensured trust building and a frictionless smooth transition from the ad to the landing page.
    • The same above rule also applies in the case of the display ads in where the biggest fonts grabbing the attention of the customers should match with the headline of the landing page.

The color palette of the landing page and the ads creatives should match to each other. Try to put the enlarged version of the image displayed on the landing page to win the trust. If you are highlighting some USPs or factor in the ads copies, try to highlight the same on the landing page.

Consider all the elements which could be of a point of importance for a user should also be highlighted on the landing page with equal importance. Ads extensions such as telephone number, site links, reviews, ratings, callouts should preferably be also present on the landing page in one form or another subtlety.

The localization factor on the landing pages & in the ad copies

This one I think as the most powerful tool to increase and optimize conversion on the landing pages. Have a relook at your target group and target location and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you speaking the “language” they speak?
  • Are you mimicking the behavior of the top website that those people are used on your landing pages? For example, for kids, you might consider wanting to have fun elements such as GIFs, colorful pictures, and videos on your landing page so that they could relate more to it and your landing page does not seem like an alien land for them.
  • Are you using “them” in the creatives? And yes! it matters. If you show people one among them, it means a lot to them and for us. If you see someone who seems just like another someone among you than a foreign person, you are going to have more trust in that. However, this rule might not always apply as well.
    • Scenario 1: If I have to target Mexicans for admission into a medical college, I will put a Mexican girl picture along with her testimonials about the college as a part of the creative to win the trust.
    • Scenario 2: If some German college is going to open another branch of its school in Guana, I will use a German person in creative rather a native.
  • Look for the internet speed, devices, browser type and other technical specifications of the general masses in the targeted region.

Separate landing page for mobile devices

Many a time we make progressive web apps which work in sync with your mobile app. In that case, for the mobile device users, keep the landing page as the mobile landing page (a replica of your mobile app). It shows different screens on welcome just like you see when you download an app. Here is a good example of what a mobile landing page might look like for mobile users. Open this page on Mobile, not on the desktop to see how it works.

Best Landing Page Elements

Summon them in

let them know they are in the right place. if you’re writing to photographers, say something like “Calling out all photographers” in your header or Are you a pregnant mum in your 30’s?

Shock them and hook them

It is very important to get their attention and their interest within the first 3 seconds and this is a great way to do this. Check out my page below “UK’S #1 BLACKHEAD SOLUTION

Back up your shocking headline

with a sub-line that provides more detail and proof of your ability to deliver. in my case, it would be UNCLOG PORES WITHOUT SQUEEZING

Relate to the reader and state the problem

Ask them questions only a person who has walked in their shoes would dare to ask. e.g “are you doing X over and over and expecting different results?” or “Do you feel guilty every time you buy ice cream for your kids because you know how unhealthy they are?”

Provide the solution

Let them know that you have solved (problem) by developing (solution). if you are selling a physical product this would be a good time to show them how the product works. Show them the time and money, they would save with your solution/product. Example: “stop throwing money at old skincare methods that never seem to work”

Help them recall their pain whiles been personal

Example: “You’re not alone, we faced this problem too and it affected our self-esteem for many years”

Put them in a time machine

Help them visualize a life with your product or service in it. Example: “Imagine a life that doesn’t include (their biggest paid points) because you can now (your solution)”

Establish credibility

example: “we’ve sold 1000 of x with a 4-star rating” or “We have helped 80 homeowners improve their kitchen”. Bottom line, no one is going to toot your horn for you, you have to do it yourself.

Make your offer

Now its time to pitch them and offer, show them the amount of savings involved. Total Value: $4587 Promotional Price: $1023 Total savings: $3564). Make your offer irresistible. Add a bonus if possible. Example: “The first 10 buyers will receive X for free! a $500 Value”

Justify the investment

quantifying and justifying how the investment is within the reader’s current budget helps eliminate any lingering money issue they might have. Example: “This machine is worth 6 cups of coffee” Prove that you believe in your product or service by adding money-back guarantee, easy returns, etc

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