Paid Media Checklist for Website Migration Impact

This checklist on a high level will help you guide through steps to mitigate the risk of website migration on paid media

Pixel & Funnel Events Integration

We have to make sure that all the pixel & funnel events are firing properly for all of the paid media platforms including their conversion APIs. I have mentioned a few platforms below but please make sure to list them out and list out their use cases

  • FB 
    • Events manager
    • Conversion API
    • Aggregated events
  • Google Analytics
    • Enhanced ecommerce
  • TikTok
    • Events manager
    • Conversion API integration
  • Pinterest
    • Pixel
  • GTM
    • GTM pixel code
  • Google Ads
    • Conversion events firing properly
    • Dynamic remarketing code also firing properly
    • Enhanced Ecommerce conversions

Basic Funnel Event

Keep an eye out of the basic funnel events being fired through all the paid media platforms along with their quantity and $ values. If you are using custom conversions then you might have to look out for that as well

  • Page View
  • Product View
  • Add to cart
  • Checkout
  • Payment Option
  • Purchase

Catalogue Linking with All Platform

If you are heavily running dynamic remarketing or catalog campaigns on FB or Google then you would need to make sure that the catalogs or feeds are working properly as these catalogue or feeds are also used in other places just besides the campaigns. Below are some test cases for catalogs being used

  • FB
    • FB shop and IG checkout
  • Google Merchant center
    • Catalogue
    • Google shopping
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest

Product Ratings

Many of the websites use third-party services to show product ratings which appear as Google seller ratings on Google ads or product ratings on FB ads. During website migration, we might mess up with this setting so make sure that across all the platforms, the ratings are being passed properly.

Product Page URL

All website URLs should be the same as the current website and in case there are any changes, Please prepare old and new URL sheets for reference purposes. Because in many cases, the campaigns will start sending the traffic to a 404 page after website migration so make sure that you are sending traffic to the right and live page

Mobile Friendly Website

All website pages should be mobile responsive to avoid the drop in conversion and other metrics

Website Load time

Website load time should be between 3 – 5 Sec. to avoid the drop in user session.

Post Launch

Validation & Verification

  • Pixel & Event validation for all marketing platforms
  • Website Uptime Verification
  • Catalogue products status including all attributes status
  • Landing Page Validation
  • Website Speed Test
  • Analytics Real time traffic testing

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