Digital Strategy for Companies into Leasing Business, Services & Solutions

There are a lot of businesses out there which are into leasing business, services, and solution. What these companies basically do – these companies basically lease types of equipment and solutions to SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). These leasings could be in form of many kinds of stuff. Some of their key target customers are:

  • Landscape companies
  • Construction companies
  • Trucking and transportation
  • Forestry
  • oil
  • restaurants
  • autobody
  • wood works
  • metal works
  • office equipment
  • graphics companies into printing and,
  • other companies you can think of

Clients for Companies into Leasing Business, Services & Solutions

Most of the clients for these companies providing solutions and services will be those companies which could not get any loan from the bank or any other authorized financial institutions but they want to run their companies. In those situations, they approach companies like mentioned above for the financing.

Digital Strategy for Companies into Leasing Business, Services & Solutions

Now, if you are someone who works for such financing and leasing company, here is some guidance on the digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Companies into Leasing Business:

1. Grow your brand presence

The first thing you want to do is to grow the brand presence of your company in the market. In the market, there will be cut-throat competition among such leasing companies. Everyone would want to grab customers who are need of a financing. Since the competition is high, you cannot always rely on the paid media marketing or even the organic marketing.

Both of these digital marketing verticals will always be evolving. What would matter at the end of the day will be your brand presence and its reputation. But to target your audience you need to be careful. Because your target audience is really niche and narrow. You need to decide on the following items:

Online channels they might be using

Since most of the target customers would probably in their 30s and 40s, chances are low that they might be on the newer platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram. In that case, Facebook, Google Display Network, and Youtube are your major online marketing channels where you can advertise. We can debate here over the LinkedIn. LinkedIn in the scenario here would a kind of channel where you can try catching them as LinkedIn is known for B2B marketing.

But you also need to be careful with the targeting. On Youtube, you have to think of the audience, the video messages, and the targeting very carefully.

Here are some options for the Google display network:

  • Create different campaigns based on
  • Topics
  • In-market audience
  • affinity groups
  • Custom-affinity audience (based on similar website visitors & competitors website visitors)
  • keyword-based targeting

Similarly, on the facebook, you can target based on the following parameters

  • Industry type
  • Age
  • Location
  • Job titles etc.

One thing I want to make sure here is that the targeting should speak the language of B2B marketing rather B2C marketing. You should want to narrow your targeting as much as possible because your targeting audience is too low.

Google Search Network?

Surely, you should start the branding ads but side by side you should also focus on:

  • Competitors targeting
  • Industry-wise targeting to generate clicks and visits to your website for remarketing

I would say that the key factor in the Google search network would be the landing pages and the campaign structure.

Ad Copies and landing pages

Here are some of the points that I would like to highlight.

Perfect landing page

  • There should not be any missing cohesiveness among ad copies and landing pages. Otherwise, it will result in a very high bounce rate. You are already attracting a lot of unwanted customers through Google display ads keep that in mind.
  • If you see a very low conversion rate in the beginning, do not worry. Your prospective customers will take their time in converting. There are a lot of other players in the marketing offering different financing.
  • Create responsive ads. Responsive ads are known to reach and convert more than basic text ads.
  • Make a clear ad copy with clear messaging along with adding some element of trust. In my view, trust is something a customer might be looking more because he/she is looking for a business partner just not a one-time solution.
  • You can utilize the ad extensions in highlighting your brand USP, trust factors, making them to call etc. through extensions such as call extensions, callouts, ratings, reviews etc.
  • Modifying the landing page to include some of the elements such as
    • The same color palette as that of display ads to reduce UI/UX friction
    • Maintaining the same message & trust as that of ad sets to maintain the consistency throughout
  • The landing page should have a headline similar in message to that on the ad copies. Content on the landing page supports the headline purpose.
  • The landing page needs to have other trust factors such as reviews, ratings, testimonials, client served, years in business, amount leased, and how your company is different to other companies and it should be chosen over others?

Conversion rate optimization

  • Create a similar & lookalike audience based on past customers if the data is available and retargeting them
  • Lead form to be incorporated on the landing page itself and to be made very short. Often the leasing companies need to ask a lot of question to the customers. Do not be so hard on future clients from the beginning itself. Anyway, once you have them, you can treat them nicely and have their details.
  • Do not remarket to everyone. This is not a B2C market. Remarket to previous visitors based on certain parameters such as avg session time on the landing page or based on some actions taken on the landing page.
  • Gain some insights from the previous customer list and use certain parameters such as job title, company type etc in B2B targeting.
  • Have a very targeted and trusted messaging according to the psychography of the targeted audience with an emotional touch (Imaging someone looking for a loan but have been rejected everywhere else)
  • Based on the past customer data and insights from AdWords & Analytics, you should utilize Facebook & other platforms for B2B marketing based on interest, income level, target region etc.
  • Based on the past customer data, you should also create a lookalike and similar audience. Forget not to exclude past clients.
  • Run call only ads

Side notes for Companies into Leasing Business on ORM

  • Do regular PR
  • Have Strong SEO in the meantime
  • Constantly keep on answering questions related to financing and leasing on discussion platforms such as Quora. Do not push customers there to buy your service rather help them out.
  • Get Facebook and Google reviews.
  • Keep Google My Business account updated.
  • Use toll-free numbers

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