Improvise your SEO using recent SEM updates

SEO can be improvised by taking cues from e Search engines, especially Google, are known to improvise their search engine marketing (SEM) features in online marketing tools. Every now and then, we see new features being rolled out and new algorithms being pushed into the SEO world. If you are someone who equally enjoys the organic as well as the paid world, there is a lot in the paid store that you can learn in improvising your SEO.

So, let us see how can your SEO be improved by taking cues from the paid media features.


1. Location Targeting

Adwords gives you a lot of option for location targeting such as radius targeting, pincode based targeting etc. You can use Google My Business account, schema markup, hreflang etc for the location targeting. Besides, specifying the targeting location in the Google search console.

2. Language targeting

You can choose a lot of languages to target in AdWords. In SEO, you can use Hreflang implementation, page level language translation, locale information etc for language targeting through SEO.

3. Device Targeting

You can specifically target mobiles and tablets through device targeting in AdWords. But you can do the same through SEO as well by defining viewport and mobile-only website. Recently Google has started pressing for the Mobile-first Indexing, you should also leverage this algorithmic update by Google for the mobile-first indexing. At least, try to keep your website responsive.

4. Ads Headline & Meta title

Ads headlines are similar to meta title of a particular URL. Recently Google tested three headline ads in beta version. Similarly, you can keep an eye on the Google update about the ads headline and optimize your meta title accordingly.

  1. Ads Description & Meta description
    Ads Description is analogous to meta description of a page. Now that Google has started to show 300 characters meta description in the SERP, you should rethink about the top ranking or non-ranking pages.
  2. Final URL Path & your page URL
    You can also follow the policy of clean URL which are not ugly along with making keywords a part of your URLs.
  3. Call / Chat Extensions
    Paid ads provide the option for call sitelinks or call only ad. Using Google My Business account, you can add contact details. Similar theory is valid for chat also.
  4. Keyword quality score / Page relevancy
    Keyword quality score is analogous to optimizing On-Page HTML of a webpage for the targeted keywords and its variants. Some of the other elements which define the page relevancy in the SEO world are the backlinks on anchor texts from high authority sites.
  5. Deep linking
    Through Google AdWords, you can target the connected mobile apps. In SEO, you can use deep linking to connect the associated mobile app to your website.
  6. Topics targeting
    Topics targeting is one of the most used features in the Google Display Network. In SEO, you can target topics by optimizing around
    Optimizing Tags & Category in the blog pages

Product groups
Product Category meta data

clean URL

Options available in the webmaster tool

call extensions
Google Business manager

callout extensions
Can you recommend me?

app extensions
Deep linking
Option to download app on landing on the website on the mobile devices
Forcing users to use mobile apps

review extensions
Structured data

Location extensions
Optimize Google My Business
Get google reviews

Price extensions / Promotion
PRoduct Schema data

Searh box in google serp
search data

product title / product id / price /availability / description / condition / brand / currency
availability date
expiration date
sale price
size system
age group
shipping weight
shipping length
shipping width
shipping height

Product schema

image link
Image optimization / related images

Shopping ads
Similar items schema to appear in the google image search

Extended text ads
Snippet Length Increase in meta description from 155 characters to 300 characters

Landing page redirection
Intrusive Interstitial Penalty

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