Advertise for Valentine Day: Facebook Campaign Strategy & Targeting

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! The National Retail Federation projected that $19.6 billion was spent during the 2018 Valentine’s Day season — which was a 7.6% increase from 2017! Here are a few ways to capitalize off of the momentum:

Valentine Day marketing Facebook strategy

Advance Preparation

Have standard events from Facebook Pixel installed on the important pages and whole website so that you can identify, segment, create lookalike and target those audiences during Valentine day campaigns. Having all the pixels in place well in advance will also give an opportunity to accumulate audience well in advance for an easy retargeting.

Valentine day Campaign duration

Think about your consumer — there are some lovebirds that are already planning out Valentine’s Day and others that are going to be in the store [OPTIONAL: shopping online] the day of (or the day after). Solution?

Schedule your campaign(s) ahead of time and launch 1-2 weeks beforehand! Keep your campaigns on 2-3 days after Valentine’s Day for those that are last minute shopping. Also, you do not want to waste time waiting for Facebook to approve or fix the disapproved ad creatives in the last moment.

Think ahead of time

Give a thought about the following concerns and have them addresses through ad creatives, ad headline, description text etc.

  • If there is an option for the Pick-Up In Store, use it too.
  • Clearly mention the shipment dates
  • Think about the cutoff date to build urgency ahead of time!
  • Offer last minutes discounts such as $25 off over $100 buy.

Valentine day offers

Valentine day facebook marketing Tactics

Driving In-Store Traffic

Utilize the Store Visits or Reach objective to direct consumers to convert in stores.

Online sales are important

Ramping your eCommerce campaigns by using the conversion or dynamic ads for the retargeting objective is a great way to drive purchases. Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences is a great strategy for building intent for consumers in the market.


This is the time to open up targeting to include men! Add an ad set targeting males to build awareness to drive conversion.

Valentine day audience persona

Here are a few personas you can speak to:

  • Couples/Males — Bread and butter of Valentine’s Day, be cognizant of speaking to males/different stages
    of couples (e.g. first Valentine’s Day versus married for years)
  • Self-Gifters — Deloitte found that 78% of shoppers planned on shopping for themselves during the holiday
    season and we all remember how lucrative Single’s Day was last year — consider speaking to the audience
    that wanted to show themselves some extra love on the 14th.
  • Galentines — Celebrating the amazing female friends is a cultural movement! Consider throwing in ads that speak to friends gifting friends
  • Relationship status: Whether you want to target men and women in relationships or single girls looking to buy their friends a Galentine’s Day gift, the ability to target by relationships is an invaluable tool for this holiday.

Relationship status for valentine day targeting

  • Gender: It is better to have ads being targeted as gender-specific. Have different AdSets for men and women. You can further narrow that down by husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends. The more targeted the ads are, the more personal they feel.
  • Age: Consider your target audience age based on the product that you are advertising. Some products such as wine or jewelry can be targeted to all age group while other products need to be carefully analyzed before targeting.
  • Remarketing: If you already have a saved audience from previous festive seasons such as boxing day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can utilize those audiences again with filters of relationship, age group, and current relationship status.
  • Here is a very nice article about the Facebook audience in the UK on Valentine days audience size and others.
  • Special offer or valentine day special pages targeting: If you have a special page on your website which talks about Valentine day and other offers, you should also consider targeting the page visitors of past 30 days.

Valentine day Facebook Creative ideas

  • Golden rule: if we’re using video — make sure it’s vertical (4:5, 2:3, 9:16) OR 15 seconds with clear branding to demand the attention of your consumers
  • Repurpose what you have! Asking for new assets a month out is tough — utilize Facebook’s ads manager to
    build mobile-first creative using existing assets!
  • Gift guides: Love is complicated — finding the perfect item shouldn’t be. Curate an ad with a few bestsellers
    to make the discovery process an effortless one.
  • Use carousel ads to showcase a range of different products to the prospective buyers.

Facebook ads Placement ideas for Valentine day

Facebook suggests automatic placement

Weary of rising CPMs? The easiest way to drive efficient spend is to select all placements. Selecting automatic placements in a single ad set resulted in 7% higher reach, 3.5X incremental conversions, 71% lower cost per incremental conversion and 1.2X incremental return on ad spend compared to just Facebook alone.

Instagram Targeting on Valentine day

If you already have thought of the audience then, most of the married audiences should be on Facebook and new friends including boyfriends and girlfriends should be there on Instagram. You can segment the audience based on their age and target them using different creatives across platforms. Do not forget the Instagram stories ideas.

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