Complete Guide on Different Audience Types on Quora Ads Manager

Quora has recently revamped its ads manager platform with a lot of new features such as more Quora campaign objective types, more standard and custom events on Quora, Ads type with a good uplift of Audience types on Quora as well. Here is a complete guide on different audience types on Quora. Here is how overall audience on Quora looks like

Audience Quora Ads Manager screenshot

Back then, Quora did not have many offerings for audience creation. Now that it has been updated, here is the guide that will help you on Audience types on Quora.

1. Quora Audience Types

In the above figure, when you click “create audience” (just below create Campaign), you will see something like shown below with audience options. There are three options for audience types:

  • Website traffic audience
  • Lookalike audience (similar to facebook audience)
  • List match (Similar to Facebook and LinkedIn audience type again)
Create Quora Audience with types

Create a Quora Audience with types

2. Website traffic audience on Quora:

Once you click to continue from the previous figure, you will an option to create an audience based on the website traffic which looks like this with the following options:

  • All website visitors
  • Specific page visitors
  • specific page but not all page visitors
  • Website visitors based on a standard or custom conversion event
  • Custom (Combination of your own web pages with AND & OR operator)
Create Website traffic audience on Quora

Create Website traffic audience on Quora

2.1 Specific Page visitors

There are three options that you get to chose from for creating an audience just like LinkedIn. Those options are:

  • URL equals
  • URL contains and,
  • URL does not contain

The next option “specific page but not all page visitors” is almost the same to specific site visitors with an extra option to exclude some pages.

Specific Page Visitors

Specific Page Visitors

2.2 Quora audience from a conversion or event

You can also create website traffic based on standard events and custom conversions. Besides, you can further refine your audience based on URL by clicking a small option just below the conversion as shown below:

Add filter by URL

Add filter by URL

Once you click on the Add filter by URL option, You can add multiple URLs using AND operator. I found this option really cool. Here is how it will look like then.

EVent based traffic filtered by URLs

EVent based traffic filtered by URLs

Another thing I would like to predict that just like FaceBook and Google, Quora will also have a remarketing audience based on the conversion value.

2.3 Custom Audience on Quora

I have never seen such audience creation method before. Maybe, they exist and I might not be aware of that. But, the custom audience creation on Quora gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of inclusion and exclusion powered again by AND and OR operator. It looks something like this:


Custom Audience on Quora

Custom Audience on Quora

3. Lookalike Audience on Quora

A lookalike audience is used to create an audience list based on an existing audience list. This term called by the same name on Facebook ads and by “Similar Audience” name on Google ads. Quora lets you create a lookalike audience from an audience that exists. Just like Facebook, you can define your target size which is from one to ten percent.

Creating lookalike audience on Quora screenshot

4. List Match Audience on Quora

List Match audience is a list of Audience that you upload on the Quora ad platform to target the people in the form of email addresses. The email addresses could be your lead email address. You can also create a lookalike audience of the email addressed and target them in a separate campaign. Here is how it looks like on Quora:

Creating List Match Audience on Quora

Creating List Match Audience on Quora

While uploading the list, you just have to make sure that the file is a CSV file. If you do not want to hash the file, select the option to let Quora hash your email Address before uploading it on the ad platform.

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