Facebook Ads Marketing for Healthcare & Medical Practices

A proper Facebook campaign Ad structure is very important for the healthcare and medical practices industries for many reasons. All of these problems might pose a bigger threat in terms of data analytics when you would be analyzing the absolute return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost per lead (CPL) for each service type.


In this blog, we are going to consider three medical companies that want to run ads on FB for lead gen,

  • Online medical practice courses company
  • Online pharmacy company
  • Online doctor consultation company

FB Campaign Structure for the medical industry

As a digital marketer, you have to breakdown the overall strategy and accordingly for the campaign structure.

Business & Audience

So, the first step is to list down the top specialized audiences. In short, the specialized audiences combined, form the major part of your target audience. Here are examples of three healthcare industries that we considered at the beginning

Specialized audiences for online medication delivery company

  • Birth control pill delivery
  • Online diabetes pill delivery
  • Online hair fall control pill delivery
  • Online ED pill delivery etc.

The above company would also supply medications for many major diseases but let’s assume that the above four audiences form around 60% of the business.

Specialized audiences for online medical course company

  • Botox course
  • Facial aesthetics courses
  • Massage courses

The above company would also supply other online courses such as laser treatment, dentistry, etc. but let’s assume that the above three audiences form the majority of the business.

Specialized audiences for an online doctor consultation company

  • Dentist consultation
  • Therapist consultation

The above company would also supply other online consultation services but let’s assume that the above two audiences form the majority of the business. At this stage, we know that what audiences form the majority of the business. The rest of the audience would fall under something called a generic campaign. Based on the above findings, we will possibly have the following campaigns

  • Specialized campaign(s) (as per findings)
  • Generic campaign (only one)

Audience Persona & Targeting

The next step in building Facebook campaigns will be finding the right audience persona. So, you will have to perform the following set of actions:

  • Audience persona for each specialized campaigns and,
  • A generic audience persona for the common/ generic campaign.

I will leave the audience persona and targeting up to you to figure out. But the overall idea is to have a set of specialized campaigns driving the majority of the revenue and a generic campaign.

Avoid audience overlap

This is one of the most common problems that I have seen for the medical and healthcare industries – the audience overlap. When we make campaigns, there will be a lot of audience overlap among different campaigns. The idea here is to avoid the overlap so that the same audience is not being targeted in different campaigns or adsets. For this, please refer to my guide on Facebook Audience Exclusion Guide

Specialized Campaign AdSets Structure for Medical Industry

The next step is to structure the AdSets. You can take multiple approaches here. But the approach that I had like to take is AdSets based on the audience in the funnel

  • ToFu (Top of the funnel) – Interest targeting
  • MoFu (Middle of the funnel) – Engagers & remarketing
  • BoFu (Bottom of Funnel) – Converters

So now each specialized campaign will have three AdSets with three different audiences

Basic AdSet structure for medical industry

The campaign is considering that you have started the Facebook ads recently and do not have enough data in your account. However, if you are running Facebook ads for a long time, you can further breakdown the adsets based on audience size assuming that your pixel is seasoned and there are a lot of engagers and remarketing audiences. It needs a separate discussion and I would encourage you to have an FB ad specialist to make and set the campaigns for you.

For example, your AdSet structure within a single campaign might look something like this as shown below, provided your Facebook ad account and pixel have enough data and learning.

Little advanced adset structure for healthcare & pharma industry

Generic Ad Structure for Medical & Healthcare

Top of Funnel AdSet

If you have not realized already, the generic campaign might have more problems in AdSet structuring than the specific campaign. The reason being multiple interests targeting. Since we are clubbing everything under a generic campaign, we might come up with a lot of interests to be targeted. So, how shall we go about it? There could be one of the two following scenarios:

  • Your generic campaign has up to 5 interests for targeting
  • Your generic campaign has more than 5 interests for targeting

Up to 5 Interests

If you have less than 5 interests to target in the generic campaign, you can either create individual adsets for each interest or club 2-3 interests in an AdSet. Well, it also depends on the budget, audience size, and CPM. Based on account CPM, if your daily budget can reach the entire audience size in the given location go ahead with that setting. That setting might encourage you to have one or more than one interest per AdSet.

A large number of interests

If you have a large number of interests to be targeted, you definitely need to group different interests in an AdSet. While grouping, just make sure that more homogenous interests are clubbed in an AdSet.

Middle of Funnel AdSet

We have to take the same approach for the Middle of Funnel AdSet(s) as shown in the specific campaigns. Having a single clubbed MoFu AdSet if your account and pixel has not much data otherwise, creating MoFu AdSets per audience type.  Generic campaign with large interests and pixel data

Audience Exclusion for Generic campaign

When doing audience exclusion for the generic campaign, make sure that you are excluding the audience from the specific campaigns as well. One common mistake that you can avoid here is having a common landing page for all the campaigns. In that case, the remarketing audience would not be defined and they will be being delivered the ads from all the campaigns.

Note: For the lead generation campaign, you do not need the BoFu AdSet.

Ad Creatives

Here are a few pointers that you have to keep in mind for ad creatives

  • Make sure that each specific campaign is being delivered with its own special ad
  • The generic campaign should have its own generic ads
  • Please do not test creatives from one to another campaign as each campaign through its structure is specializing in its own setup. For example, do not test the botox course creatives in the message campaign.

CBO (Campaign Budget optimization)

The purpose behind the entire above setup might fail if you turn on CBO on each campaign. The reason behind that would be not all the AdSets within a campaign would be getting the same budget and eventually, the Facebook algorithm will end up preferring one AdSet over others. So, make sure that you run the above set of campaigns on ABO (AdSet Budget Optimization). Here are possible scenarios in where you would want to turn on CBO at the campaign level.

  • Turn on the CBO when your account has enough conversion data
  • Turn on CBO to test which type of audience is giving better result when the audience pool and learning is high such as testing with CBO among lookalike, engagers, and remarketing audience
  • Turning on CBO to let your ad budget deliver to the best performing age group. For example, for Botox courses sign up, maybe nurses from 25-35 would convert the most. Same for the Birth control, the most converting age group should be 18-34.

If your campaign follows Ecommerce model, this post might be helpful for you: Facebook ads for Ecommerce

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