Install Reddit Base & Standard Conversion Code Using GTM (Google Tag Manager)

Reddit has recently revamped its conversion pixels and conversion event types. Here is a complete guide on using the Reddit conversion pixel and measuring the conversion value. In this guide, besides conversion code, we will also touch on different Reddit campaign objective types and how to best use different campaign types.

Install the Reddit Conversion Pixel on your website Using GTM

  • Once you login to your Reddit ad account, you can access the conversion pixel from the top drop-down menu of the dashboard
  • Clicking the conversions on the top will pop up the conversion pixel code.

Reddit conversion pixel

  • As already mentioned in the above picture, Reddit conversion code is specific to your advertising account and it contains your Unique ID.
  • Besides the general conversion code, Reddit also provides additional event tracking code just like Quora event tracking code or Facebook event tracking pixels. We will talk about these event codes later.

General Reddit conversion code implementation using GTM

The pixel code needs to go between the <head></head> tags on any page where you would like to track conversions. However, I would suggest you implement the pixel code on every page of your website. I use GTM for the same purpose. All pages with the pixel code implemented will track as ‘Page Visits’ metric in the dashboard.

  • Got you GTM dashboard and Add A New Tag.
  • Name your tag, then click inside the Tag Configuration box to choose a tag type.

4. Create a new tag to capture the click events

  • That will open up a right side panel.
  • From the side panel on that appears on the right,  select the “Custom HTML” tag type.
  • Put in the Reddit base conversion code and save the tag.
  • And then, proceed ahead to Select the trigger at the bottom by just clicking it.

Reddit conversion Pixel tag for all pageview trigger

  • Add a Trigger to fire the tag by clicking inside the “Triggering” box.
  • It will open up a list of the default triggers or trigger made by you earlier in the GTM container.
  • Select an existing trigger, or create a new one by clicking on “+”.
  • But for the general conversion code, I would select “All Pages” as shown below. For other standard events, I would create other triggers to get that associated.
  • Once you select the trigger. Save your tag and publish the tag.

Setting up Reddit conversion pixel attribution

Edit your attribution type and attribution window.  This affects how your conversion data is displayed at the overall account level, not how your data is captured.  Feel free to go in and adjust your attribution type and attribution window throughout and after your campaign to learn more about your conversion process.

Select which attribution type you would like to track in your dashboard:|

  • Click-through conversion only – when a customer clicks the ad and then converts (performs the action)
  • View-through conversion only – when a customer views the ad, doesn’t click, but then converts later (performs the action later)
  • View-through and Click-through conversions (both will be tracked in separate fields)

Then select your attribution window, the time frame when a Reddit user views or clicks your ad and subsequently takes an action.  

  • 1 day
  • 7 day
  • 28 day

For example:

Attribution tab of Conversion pixel allows you to select attribution type and attribution window
Selecting the above:

  • Attribution Type: View-through and Click-through Conversion
  • Attribution Window: Click-through of 28 days and View-through of 1 day
    will track the number of click-through conversions that occurred within 28 days of clicking your ad and view-through conversions that occurred within 1 day of viewing your ad. By default, Reddit dashboard will display 1-day view-through and 28-day click-through data.

Reddit standard events conversion code

If you have already used Facebook standard or custom events conversion code or LinkedIn conversion code or even Quora conversion code for standard or custom events, you would relate more to the standard events conversion code from Reddit. In general, these are very specific code snippets which fire on particular page view or particular events such as sign up page view or sign up events or even purchase-thank you page pageview or event.

To track events/actions that happen on your website, add event tracking on the page between <script></script> tags where specific events occur. The code will look something like below, replacing ‘EventName’ with any of the trackable standard events:

rdt(‘track’, ‘EventName’);

Track any of the following standard events, no custom events are allowed:

Standard Event Types

Event Name



PageVisit Default event in the conversion pixel that will track that the user
has visited one of the advertiser’s page
rdt(‘track’, ‘PageVisit’);
ViewContent User view a particular content on a page rdt(‘track’, ‘ViewContent’);
Search User performed a search query rdt(‘track’, ‘Search’);
AddToCart User added a product to the shopping cart rdt(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’);
AddToWishlist User added a product to wishlist rdt(‘track’, ‘AddToWishlist’);
Purchase User completed the purchase rdt(‘track’, ‘Purchase’);
Lead When user submits information expressing interest in the
advertised product/offer
rdt(‘track’, ‘Lead’);
SignUp User completed registration form or sign up for a new service rdt(‘track’, ‘SignUp’);

How you want the event to be tracked will determine how you implement the event code. For example,

Page load events

For events that occur on a page load, add the below additional event code snippet after the conversion pixel code on your website. Page load event example (To track a ‘Sign up’ event that is confirmed by a ‘Thank you for signing up’ page load)

On the site’s Sign up confirmation page, after the conversion pixel base code, add the following:

rdt(‘track’, ‘SignUp’);

Inline action events – For events that occur with an action, add the additional event code snippet next to the action you want to track. Inline action event example (To track an ‘Add to Cart’ event on an ‘Add to Cart’ button that does not load a new page)

On the ‘Add to Cart’ button, add the following:

const addToCartButton = document.getElementById(‘addToCart’);
addToCartButton.addEventListener(‘click’, () => rdt(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’));

Implementing Reddit Standard conversion codes using GTM

The process of setting up Reddit standard conversion code is same as Facebook standard or custom events conversion code or LinkedIn conversion code or even Quora conversion code for standard or custom events.

  • Again create a new tag as custom HTML
  • Put in the code for the standard event that you want to track for
  • Forget not to fire the Reddit base conversion pixel before any specific standard event code
  • Create a new trigger for firing on the thank you page
  • Save the tag and publish the tag in the container (Refer the screenshot below for more details)
Implementing Reddit Standard conversion codes using GTM

Implementing Reddit Standard conversion codes using GTM

You can also use preview and debug feature of Google tag manager to see if your conversion code is firing on the right pages or not.

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