Resolve Elementor Compatibility Issue with Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress

Many a time when we make a custom page using Elementor WordPress Plugin, another Plugin such as Yoast for SEO’s snippet preview option does not come on the page. In this tutorial, you will not only see how to resolve the Elementor issue with Yoast plugin on WordPress but also, how to bring other plugin option on the page.

1. Open Elementor Saved Templates

Open Elementor Saved templates

  • Login to your WordPress Admin panel and click on Saved templates
  • It will open up all the pages that you are working on

2. Edit the page with option “Edit with Elementor”

Saved Elementor Pages

  • Hover over the page you want to edit and,
  • Click on “Edit with Elementor” option
  • You can also click on just “Edit” and then select the option of Editing with Elementor later.
  • At this stage, you will not see any Yoast option for your page.

3. Save your page as a template

Save your Elementor page as a template

  • From the left panel, click on the up arrow near Publish button
  • Then click on “Save as Template”
  • Name your template as shown below and click on Save

Name your template

  • If you go back again to the first step, you will see your new template saved as a new page. Half of the steps are done now.

4. Create a new page or a post now

Add a new Post or page

  • Go on and create a new post or a page now as per your choice
  • Click on Edit with Elementor option just below the title
  • It will open up the Elementor visual editor

5. Select your saved template

Select Elementor template for a pge

  • Click on the “folder” icon above.
  • Clicking on the folder icon above will open up all your saved templates from the library.
  • Go to My templates and you will see the template that you saved in step 3.

Select from my templates

  • In my case, I have two templates saved above. Select your template and click on “Insert”
  • First, verify your page content and then, click on publish to publish the content
  • Once published, open posts or pages and find your page. If you do not remember your page name, then you can sort the pages or posts by modified date and click on simple edit, not edit with Elementor this time.
  • Scroll down and now you can see the Yoast SEO plugin option at the bottom.

Do let me know in the comments below if you are facing some issue with this.

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4 Replies to “Resolve Elementor Compatibility Issue with Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress”

  1. susan

    yep, and what about the existing pages !?? your so called “hack” is doing nothing else but creating double content, which is definitely NOT a solution
    fact is, there is a compatibility issue between yoast and elementor, althou sted otherwise by the plugin developers


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